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It is so much easier to Achieve a Goal when you make a Commitment and Share it, with the Support of others.
                This is why our Accountability Groups Work!

   1. Choose a Goal 

Business-Related ...
 •  Optimize your Website   • Create a Social Media Campaign 
 •  Purge your Filing System   • Design an Operations Manual  
 •  Revise your Marketing, Admin or Client Materials 
 •  Write a Newsletter  • Update your Business Plan  
Start a Blog  •  Pursue a new Income Stream or Certification 

Or Personal …
 •  Begin an Exercise Program   •  Learn to Cook like a Chef    
•  Study a Foreign Language   •  Plant an Organic Garden
 •  Organize your Photos & Transfer to Digital
 •  Practice Meditation   • Start a new Hobby   • Declutter 
 •  Train the Dog   •  
Redecorate your Bedroom   

      2. Make a Commitment

Take the 28-Day PowerPlan to Success™
Group Challenge

Join a small group of like-minded people who WANT to create a
CHANGE in their lives
in this ONLINE, totally supportive program.

We begin with an hour-long group call that I host, focusing on
strategies to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Things Done.  
You will learn my
7-Step PowerPlan to Success™, a proven
system for successfully moving from idea to action. 

I also walk you through the online site where you will:

    • Declare your Goals for the 28-Day Challenge
    • Make Daily Progress (or not) Reports
    • Share what is working for you, and what isn’t
    • Comment on the progress, frustration or concerns of your           Challenge-Mates, encouraging each other to succeed
    • Review the Comments others make on your Challenge Page,           in Support of your efforts 
           Your program includes two additional group support Coaching Calls,
           one after 14 days and one after the program completes.
           Phone Calls are recorded so you don't have to worry you'll miss one.

   3. Take Action!

Sign up NOW for Your        
28-Day PowerPlan to Success          
Group Challenge     

Three Hours of Phone Coaching            
Four Weeks of Online Support           
Motivating & Educational Articles         

INVEST IN YOURSELF ... Only $197!         

JOIN the next available group (we keep the size small so that
everyone gets to know each other and can comment on each other's
Daily Entries) OR if you prefer to begin at a future date (ask yourself    
'why' you are putting it off!) let us know when you would like to  
begin making a difference in your life!  


Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions
Questions?  Call us at  914.315.9101 (Eastern Time Zone) 
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  Accountability Groups Work! 

There are so many conflicting priorities in our lives that it is too easy to put off projects that are important to us, or to begin, only to let them languish as our attention turns to the next shiny object or deadline-driven event.

You CAN get your project completed,
or well underway, when you do it in a supportive Accountability Group.

There is an incredible difference when you choose to make a commitment to a project by declaring your intention in writing, then have the accountability of daily reporting (OK, sometimes you’ll skip a day), along with the support of others who truly CARE about your success.

Find out how very good it feels to make progress on something you’ve been avoiding or delaying, and have fun sharing the experience!

NEW Help for Procrastination,                    
Avoidance and Overwhelm!

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Proven Science

Studies have shown that it takes 21 days 
of CONSISTENT behavior to 
change a habit or create a new one.  
WHY try to do it on your own?
Benefit from the support of your 
Challenge-Mates and Coach,
Plus, since this is a 28-Day Challenge,
you'll have an extra week to get it done!

   The 7-Step PowerPlan
   to Success™

          Our 28-Day Challenge employs a unique
          approach to successful change that was
          developed by Susan Laskyyour Accountability    Coach, after more than 20 years of observing why some clients succeeded in achieving their goals, and others were not as successful. 
  • During the Group Coaching calls, you will         learn that Taking Action should not happen           until Step 6.
  • You will discover why, when you start with           Step 1 and continue through Step 5, you dramatically boost your success-rate. 
  • Find out the surprising benefit of Step 7,              and how it makes it more likely that your      success will last!
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